DESIGNS UNLIMITED - Embroidery Digitizing
Pricing: (How it works!)
At Designs Unlimited we strive to provide quality digitized  embroidery designs at a competitive price and in a timely manner. (Standard turn around time is 24-48 hours, typical 24 hours) once payment is received. We accept visa, discover, master card.
Flat Rate Pricing: 
LEFT CHEST / HAT FRONT:   1-9999 stitches - $25.00
                                                  10,000 stitches and up - $35.00
                                                   Extremely Detailed - $45.00
FULL BACK PRICING:  LEVEL 1 - $75.00- (Custom lettering/low level detail)
                                        LEVEL 2 -$125.00- (Moderate level lettering/detail)
                                        LEVEL 3 -$300.00-(Complex level lettering/detail)
EDIT FEE:                          $15.00 - (Edit fee applies when there is a change in
                                                       the art).       
EXPEDITE SERVICE:    $20.00 - (Receive digitized file  within 12 hours).                                                            
CREATING STANDARD TEXT:     $7.00 - (Name/Title).              
How it Works:  Quote
Email: for a quote OR call 937-467-9494.
1 - Attach art work. (accepted files are JPEG,CDR, BITMAP, PDF & AI).
2 - Provide any pertinent information such as: logo size, placement, type of material it will be sewn on, item being sewn on, file type needed, etc...
3 - You will receive your quote within 1-3 hours. (If quote request is placed after 3:00 pm on Friday, it will be sent Monday morning between 8:00m - 10:00 am).
4 - Once quote is approved and payment has been received, you will receive digitized file within 24-48 hours.
                                          ***Designs digitized in the U.S.A.!!!***